LyteSync - Synchronize Lights to your Dance

LyteSync - Synchronize Lights to your Dance

LyteSync helps dancers integrate body worn LED lights into their performances. One dancer or an entire team; the light sequence will be triggered remotely, and all the lights will be in glorious sync.
Try us on the Web
Create a light sequence using our handy web tools. This way you can try out out our system without any investment. Test out the light sequence, let us know if you have any ideas or...
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Get our Mobile app
Show your light sequences to your friends and dance team, on your mobile phone. Just click the start button at the point in the music where you want the sequence to begin and it will...
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Buy a Controller!
Buy a body worn light controller, and lights. Turn it on, and the lights will flash, blink, fade in sync with the music. The controller is lightweight and driven by a 9 volt battery. There...
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Get a Remote!
Our Remote control can turn on as many LED controllers as you like. Pick a point in the music to start the sequence, and from then on all the LED lights will be in sync....
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Product Demo’s

Take a look at some demonstration videos that show the unique features of lytesync.

A demonstration of two channels synchronized to music

Demonstrating Auto sync

LyteSync is designed with failsafes. Any time a device that is linked to the sequence is turned on it will automatically sync with the current state of playback. Check out this video demonstration.

First time in Competition

SJSU Sahaara, a competetive bolywood dance team used LyteSync in their performance. Thank you SJSU Sahaara for the using our product!

SJSU Sahaara showing us how the Lights were used
The complete dance: The lights are

A video clip of their dance sequence is here:

SJSU Sahaara – Talking about using LyteSync

Web Tool Help

A good place to get an idea of how our web tool works is in this video: